2007 Soapbox

AA8HH -  Had a blast this year. Worked my own station from home for about half the contest. This was the first time that I've "contested" from home in about 15 years. Also visited the K8DV site where Chuck K8CR experted steamed some shrimp and kept the group fed. Conditions were not very good, but we all enjoyed the QSO Party anyway! DL3GA -  Worse condx than last year, and a severe thunderstorm noise floor. But it was fun ! See you in 2008, I hope to work you in one of the last four counties (in mid-western OH) for 'full house' :-) K0GSV -  Great contest despite bad conditions K0LWV -  Thanks for the nice contest. I really appreciate the contest forms on yu site, lots of Ohio stations, the static was hard on the ears. K1OQ -  Ohio people are a bunch of super operators! Great fun! K3TW -  "Special thanks to the mobile stations for activating some rare counties." K3ZT -  Fun Party - Lots of Ohio Stations on 40 & 75 Meters! One Dupe (K9TM - #52 & #67) 2nd Contact Not Counted in Score! K4JSI -  Only a very small entry, but I like to support the state QSO parties. My dad family lived around Lima. K4OD -  Not much time to operate - had to watch the kids play in the Little League World Series. K8CC -  Condx not real good, only one in-state QSO. We were having fun doing OK until RF got into the Jeep transfer case system, crippling our vehicle and forced us to abort after 3.5 hours. K8DV -  As all know this year was not the best in terms of conditions but still had a great time. Spent more time visiting in the shack and over dinner than time spent on the air. Spent about 5 to 6 hours total time on the air with more time doing what all hams love to do talk and eat. The station worked as planned and our planning and prework paid off. See you in 2008. 73 de Dave K8DV K8IJ -  Great fun! Many thanks to all. Vy 73, Charlie K8IR -  No short skip on 20 this year. 40 went long before 80 opened here. The QRN on 80 not too bad on this end, much better than on the Ohio end, I'm sure. Thanks to all the mobiles and rovers who had to put up with the extra weather-related issues this year. K8MR -  Our trip around Ohio was cut short when the van became sick in southern Fairfield county. Fortunately we made it home with no real problems, but we're sorry we missed a bunch of planned counties south and west of Columbus. K8VFR -  40 Mtr very bad!! 80 mtr MUCH better. As always, fun! K8WDN -  Great QSO Party despite the storms and QRN. I was on 40 and 20 from about noon to 4pm then went to 80m for the remainder of the contest. I only worked about 3 of the mobile/rovers this year which is unusual for me. K9JIG -  Terrible conditions here in NE Wis. KB1LCS -  CATEGORY: OHIO SINGLE OPERATOR PHONE KB9YGD -  tnx all fer the wonderfull time es 73 de kb9ygd KE7JIP -  Ths is the second contest I have participated in and I had a great time! Thank you! KJ9C -  Just 9 hours - the old back won't take much more than that. Twelve counties, just under 500 miles for the day. But at least the southwest counties all got on. KN4Y -  Storms in the area, but did get on for awhile. Glad to hear CW stations. KV8Q -  Poor conditions here. 40 was long most of the time except right around sundown. Got chased out of the shack for a half an hour with a tornado warning around 5:00pm. 80 was wall-to-wall QRN. Found K8AJS on 15 and 10 but that was about it - noone else read the memo I guess. Like the sunspots, my score can only get better next year. See ya'll then. Thanks for the QSO. N4JF -  TX TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED. MOBILES WERE EVERYWHERE ALL DAY LONG. CONGRATS GUYS. HAD TO SHUT DOWN A COUPLE OF TIMES DUE TO HVY THUNDESTORMS CLOSE BY. NICE MEETING OLD FRIENDS AND MAKING NEW ONES. TX FOR PULLING MY QRP SIGNAL OUT OF THE QRN. 73s JERRY N4PN -  TKS MRCC FOR ANOTHER FUN DAY. CONDX NOT GOOD BUT MOBILES MADE IT GREAT, LED BY K8RYU, W8UE, W9MSE, AD8J, K8MR, W8ZFR, W8CAR, W8MRG, KJ9C AND W3AG. MULTS/Q'S DOWN FROM LAST YEAR DUE TO CONDX. N7EIE -  This was my first OQP, and enjoyed very much. Many of the OH stations were BOOMING in here to WA on 20 meters. CU next year! N8B -  Strange conditions, decided to "hang it up" after the 2nd thunderstorm and threats of more, so only operated somewhat less than 5 hours. N8II -  Another edition of the OQP is history, or as I affectionately call it the CuQP, Cursed QSO Party. 40 was in and out at best to eastern OH and worse by 19Z. I also had RF feedback problems which I may solved now. The number of stations on 40 phone seemed way down from last understandably so. By 19Z, the QRN level was coming up and by 20Z, I was certain without looking that a storm was nearby. By 2015Z it was gusting wind and pouring rain follwed a few minutes later by hail; it was our most severe storm of the season. To top off the floods, OH was dealing with storms all over the place and tornadoes to boot. No wonder activity seemed way down at times, especially casusal phone ops. The storm had basically passed by 2115, but the QRN level was impossible and 20 which was worthless anyway was still plagued by an unstable atomosphere with precip static on the yagi. To top that off it was becoming nearly impossible to work OH on any band with the skip zone on 40 too long and basically no one yet on 75/80M. I was off 3 hours until about 2310Z when I found some 80M CW activity; 40 was shot. The static level on 75M stayed horrendous steady 15-20 over S9 the whole evening and my best 75M runs were around 23-24Z. By 01Z there was hardly anyone left on 75. Luckily, some sporadic E allowed 40 to open again with better condx than mid-day, but QRM from an RTTY contest kept away all but the serious competitors. Many thanks to the mobiles who braved the storms and floods, sorry condx didn't allow for more QSO. Next year can only get better. N8MWK -  Many thunderstorms. Limited operation from only one gell cel and a 80/40 dipole and FT-857D. But running only 10 w pep on SSB making 68 qsos from a remote portable in Morgan County was realy great even though it was rough. Running QRP wasn't the plan but it worked out OK. N8QE -  Poor band conditions all around for QRP operation. NE4M -  Had a great time. Worked a lot of new counties. NO5W -  When the OQP started out it sounded like 20M was going to be good into South Texas but about 2 hours into the contest the mobile stations dropped almost to the noise level making copy very tough. Later on after dinner I thought that 40M might be better so I tried again but with no joy due to wall-to-wall RTTY. So I struggled to make a few Qs on 40M while answering some emails and packed it in around 0300Z. As always it was fun tracking the mobiles around, even in the poor conditions. Thanks to the following mobiles who braved the weather to hand out QSOs in multiple counties as indicated: K8MR(6), K8RYU(4), KJ9C/M(2), W8CAR(2), W8UE(2) Hope to work everyone from NO5W/M in the Texas QSO Party September 29-30. 73/Chuck/NO5W NW7MT -  Hope to have more time to operate with club call. Thanks! PA3ARM -  A late start (20.00Z) es continous fight against sleep es tireness (eyes closing VA3RKM -  K2, 5W, vertical.Tnx for the contacts! VE5BCS -  Tnx for the fine contest. The bands are improving. CU next year. VE7NH -  ABSOLUTELY HORRID CONDX UP HR. STILL PLENTY POWER LINE NOISE. RTTY CONTESTERS ON 40 RUINED THAT FOR ME. HOPE BETTER NEXT YEAR... W0PQ -  K1 (5 WATTS) G5RV, 20M DEAD, 40M OK, COURTEOUS OPS W1END -  Thanks to all for all the activity. See you next year. W2LHL -  Proud to see the mobiles out in such rotten weather. Over here QRN was unbelievable W2PTT -  Just got my new Vanity Call W2PTT. Justa partial effort from N6AA Dick QTH. W3AG -  A lot of fun for our trip across the Ohio Turnpike traveling between Pittsburgh an South Bend. My designated drivers: wife Rhonda and daughter Nicole. The TS-440 and 40M HamStick played well. Didn't have time to work from Indiana as originally planned. Several stations worked multiple times for a nice assortment of multipliers. W3BBO -  Another great outing...then the rains came! W3USA -  A last hour effort after the K8MR/M mobile effort ended prematurely. Quite a difference between mobile and a kw from home! W4NTI -  Not much propagation this year, nothing heard above 40 meters. W4RK -  Enjoyed brief QRP effort with a borrowed Elecraft K-1. W7GVE -  I was picturing the mobile going through torrent of rain! Noise level was bad out here in AZ.Still an enjoyable party! W8EK -  I am almost ashamed to turn this in, but I did work every station heard. Band condx were really lousy! W8WTS -  The weather has absolutely horrible. I spent three hours trying to put up an antenna during a driving rain. Every time that I tried to operate, I was bombarded with static crashes. Every time that I went outside to change antennas, it poured. All of my operating was done while soaking wet. I rarely say this about a contest, but this one was not worth the pain. WA4VAP -  For me the band conditions were horrible. WA8YVF -  Dispite the QRN I had fun. WO3X -  I MADE MANY MORE CONTACTS THAN I HAD ANTICIPATED. YL3DX -  IC-746PRO 100W, vertical R7000+.