2007 Club Results


Ohio ClubScoreEntries
Medina 2 Meter Group1865916
Delaware Amateur Radio Association1857434
Wayne Amateur Radio Club 1225462
Lake County Amateur Radio Association1166918
Forty Over Club1069973
Marietta Amateur Radio Club 1069434
Northern Ohio DX Association899092
Queen City Emergency Net828966
John D. Kraus Memorial ARC593192
Society of Midwest Contesters496291
Portage County Amateur Radio Service 461222
North Coast Contesters290971
Coshocton Co. A.R.A.274891
West Park Radiops 257762
Maumee Valley Contest Club171361
Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra-Novice32201
Cambridge Amateur Radio Club 26651
Athens County Amateur Radio Association25161
Van Wert Amateur Radio Club7681
XWARN 6301

Out of State

Out of State ClubsScoreEntries
South East Contest Club698403
Tennessee Contest Group545588
Potomac Valley Radio Club295022
Alabama Contest Group287492
Society of Midwest Contesters239064
Oklahoma DX Association218701
Contest Club Ontario 216751
Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Assn.116561
Western New York DX Association84241
South East Michigan DX Association78722
Frankford Radio Club47561
Yankee Clipper Contest Club40181
Menominee River Radio Club27001
Florida Contest Group26402
Central Texas DX and Contest Club26101
Motor City Radio Club 20771
Williamson County ARC20591
Washington Amateur Communications16501
Green Bay Mic & Key Club15601
Northern Illinois DX Association15401
Western New York Contest Club14501
Copper Country Radio Amateur Association12751
Motor City Radio Club 9751
Northeast Wisconsin DX Association8361
Southern California Contest Club7921
Western Washington DX Club5401
Rochester (NY) DX Assn 5271
Contest Club Ontario4161
Kiev Contest Group 2881
Falmouth ARA 1801
Northern Wireless of MT RC 161
Latvian Contest Club (LCC)21