Single Operator

The top single operator score in Ohio was by Joe Papworth, K8MP, in Delaware County, in the High Power category. Following him in the high power category were John Bastin, K8AJS, and Dave Balint, N8IW, both from Wayne County. The low power single operator winner was Paul Hurm, N8OT, from Butler County. Jeff VanMeter, KA8HQL took second from Perry County, with Erie county's Dan Kovach, W8CAR in show. Reporting the QRP category is easy: just cut and paste from last year. Dan Shepherd, N8IE, of Dayton, is probably running out of space on his walls for all his QRP awards, adding OQP 2006 to the list. CW only efforts by Paul Kirley, W8TM and Alan Moriarty, N8CX followed.

Multi Operator

The N8HR operation from WZ8P's station in Zanesville found a good CW operator (OQP web geek N8VW) to add to their usual excellent phone effort in the multioperator category, but still came up short of the crew operating K8MAD at K9TM's QTH in Sylvania (Lucas county). The K8MAD operation was from the same station and with much of the same crew that holds the OQP multiop record as K8O in 2003.


It only figures that people from Motown know how to drive, but the K8BB mobile team also knew how to operate. K8BB, with KK8I as the second operator, drove away from the competition while operating from 24 northern Ohio counties. K8MR and W8DRZ again headed southeast and took second place, with the one man band of Hal Offutt, W1NN, in third.


The rover category only drew one entry, but a very appreciated one it was. Ralph Metheny, K8RYU, along with KD8CWV, once again activated seven rare counties in southeast Ohio.


The Queen City Emergency Net took Ohio club honors, led by good multioperator teams at K8DV and W8B, and the mobile efforts of N8TFD and AA8HH.


There were no big SSB only efforts this year. Although the biggest phone score was made by overall High Power winner K8MP, the SSB plaque goes to another mixed mode operation, by Bill Collins, W8BD, out in the far northwest corner on Ohio, Williams County. And although there is no plaque for the category, Columbus' Tom Hain, KV8Q, had the top CW score.

Outside Ohio

Judging from the out of state winners, south was the place to be. Paul Newberry, N4PN, set a new single operator record from Macon, Georgia, with 380 qsos. A hundred miles from there, OQP founding father KU8E took low power honors, and another hundred miles away in Alabama, Jerry Fiore, N4JF was the QRP winner. And all three of those efforts are a big part of the reason that the South East Contest Club ran away with the out of state club victory.

Special Honors

DX honors go to Andreas Gilles, DL3GA. Kitty Hevener, WB8TDA, repeats as YL winner.


All told, there were 11202 SSB and 17655 CW qsos reported. One could tell we are at a sunspot minimum, as there were only 4 qsos reported on each of 15 and 10 meters; six of those were W1NN/M and W8CAR working on both modes from two counties. We did have a good showing of Ohio's 88 counties. N4PN managed to work 84 of them on one mode or the other, missing only Knox, Marion, Monroe, and Union. The next most unique counties were worked by N4JF (83), K8IR (82), KU8E (81) and W2LHL (78). The ones missed by the top three, with the exception of Preble missed by N4JF and K8IR, were all different. The only county missed by 3 of these top 5 was Union, by N4PN, KU8E, and W2LHL.


The 2007 Ohio QSO Party will be held on Saturday, August 25. Note that the OQP is held on the fourth Saturday of August - not necessarily the last Saturday - so the really long range planners out there can mark down Saturday, August 23 for the 2008 event. Will the sunspots begin their return by then? Can we dodge August thunderstorms? Time will tell, but we hope you will all be back to join us for 2007 Ohio QSO Party.