AA8HH -  Smoked one radio, backup wasn't much better, ready to throw out a cranky laptop and noisy inverter, propagation conditions stunk, isolated thunderstorms found us, had a good time. Highlight of the trip was a cold beer at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. AD8J -  Great fun working the Europeans from the mobile. They were louder than many of the US stations. AJ3J -  Congrats to "Mad River RC", nice contest. CU2JT -  My first OHIO QSO Party. Unfortunately I had some other activities in the afternoon so I missed several hours of the start. The ongoing RTTY contest made it hard to work on 40m and I do not have an antenna for 80m. It was nice to work some 10-15 new counties in Ohio. My hope is that at least some of them will send a QSL. Next year, I will, hopefully, be better equipped antenna-wise so I put up a fight with that DL5 and OK1 competing with me. According to the rules I have seen, all stations were supposed to send a signal report. No one did, so I did not either. Thanks for a great contest with good activity and a special thanks to the guys spending the Saturday driving around Ohio just to give us a rare county. DL3GA -  My first OQP, thanks for a lot of mobile activity. Hope to be on again next year. DL5AWI -  It WAS A GREAT FUN AND I WORKED 3 NEW COUNTIES! ONLY ONE COUNTY TO FULL HOUSE IN OHIO! HOPE TO HAVE TIME NEXT YEAR ALSO! K0LWV -  Thanks for the contest K0UK -  Just didnt have the time to put in..had fun. K3MD -  Could not raise anyone on 80 due to QRN. K3RC -  First time I have submitted a contest log. Had a great time. K3TW -  "Congratulations to the fine operators in Ohio for making this QSO Party so much fun. Conditions on 40m went long before dark, and the afternoon opening on 20m was very brief. Many thanks to the mobile stations for providing several rare counties and lots of multiple QSOs." K3ZT -  Fun Party - Lots of Ohio Stations on 40 Meters! K4UK -  Operated mobile while on the way home from Madison, Ohio to Moneta, VA. Made qsos only when my wife was driving. Great fun putting out Ohio counties. Wished I could have operted more i Ohio, but us "old folks" had to get home before dark - Hi! Enjoyed the time I could spend in the QSO Party. K6CSL -  Boy, Condx were terrible. These were the the only participating Ohio stations I heard. There were a few others, but they were down in the Extra band portions, where I can't operate. Hope condx are better for next year. K6RB -  Bands below 20 were nonexistent, and there was a bunch of RTTY junk on 40, but I enjoyed myself nevertheless. K8AJS -  Twenty and forty meters were long; I could work contacts in Europe but could hear virtually nothing of the mobiles in Ohio unless they were almost right next to me. I had only worked slightly more than two dozen Ohio counties until I finally got to eighty meters in the evening. The contest went well; the bands were relatively quiet (except for 80 meters, which was a real noise pit because of rain and storms in the area). Rates were good and many signals were very strong. I'll have to apologize to those I missed on 40 and 80 because of weak Ohio signals (on 40) and crashing high noise level (on 80). Maybe next year. K8BLP -  Operated from our emergency operations trailer K8IR -  I was again blessed with short skip on 20 most of the afternoon. 40 went long about an hour earlier than last year. 80/75 was noisy making copy of the mobile tough. A great contest, and thanks to who pulled me out. K8MAD -  40M was pretty difficult after the first two hours, but 20M was a seemingly bottomless pit of QSOs! K8RYU -  Bands excellent for brief periods, especially at the open of the party, for about 2 hours conditions seemed quite good. After that, I'd call CQ, have a big pileup,but the band would crap out before all stations were worked. Just not enough sunspots. Temperatures were hot and the humidity made operating less than fun, an that did not change after dark. No breeze - but I guess no thunerstorms either. We had heavy rains on the way before the contest, but all dry thereafter. Sure wish everybody who is going to operat would sign up before hand on the web site. In some ways it is more important for the home stations to sign up than the mobile/rover stations. Given a list of active fixed stations, the mobiles can better plan their routes. K9JIG -  Bad conditions here in NE WI. I was suprised to make as many Q as I did. KA8HQL -  First time with this contest. I thought the band conditions were terrible. There did not seem like a whole lot of activity on 20 meters and local lightnening made for lots of static crashes on 40-80 meter. It was definitely a good time though. KB8UUZ -  Obviously the bottom of the solar cycle. Just did not hear Ohio stations. Hopefully next year will be better. KB9YGD -  tnx all for the wonderfull time es 73 KD2MX -  Managed a few contacts here and there while unpacking from vacation. 40M was pretty good but 80M was very noisy and a tough go for qrp. KD5LNO -  Had fun in my first OQP KD5TXL -  Rough going this year. Thunderstorms moved in during evening so could only operate first part of the contest ... that is why my log is ready so soon! KE7FKX -  Checklog KG9Z -  Used a slinky dipole (Cliff Dweller) @ 20 feet. Limited time on but it was fun. KJ5RC -  Enjoyed working the QSO Party KJ9C -  Rain and Murphy made this one memorable. Saw a nice flock of wild turkeys. Need to work more SSB (ugh!) to score better. Sent LAWR by accident when first entering CLIN. Only KO1U caught it. KN4Y -  Had a nice 3.5 hours of CW activity after the bowling tournament. KV8Q -  40 went long here after the first hour. Couldn't buy an OH mult until 80 opened up. Lots of line noise on 20 made it rough on that band. Spent the last hour hunting OH mults on 80. Thanks to everyone for the QSO, especially those mobiles. See You all next year and maybe we will get some more better, proper-gatation. N0AT -  Low Power 100W N4JF -  WOW WHAT A SUPERB CONTEST. MET MANY NEW FRIENDS... N4PJ -  Spent the majority of the time in the contest waiting out thunderstorms! N4PN -  AGAIN A FUN TIME..THERE IS NO STATE QSO PARTY WITHOUT MOBILES. ALSO, THANKS FOR THE CONTACTS FROM THE FIXED STATIONS. ALSO, TO THOSE WHO DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE BUT ANSWERED MY CQ FOR OHIO. CU NEXT YEAR!! N8BJQ -  Breakfast in Norfolk, lunch in Charlotte. Got home at 3.5 hrs after the start. A couple of good runs but lots of QRN - lost a couple hrs to T-storms. Heard very few OH stns - bands were quite long. N8IHI -  This was our clubs first entry into the OQP. Everyone had a great time. N8II -  We need more solar activity to level the playing field a bit. I worked 2-3 stations on some 20M sporadic E and a few more on backscatter and that was it for 20 into OH from the eastern tip of WV. 40 was intermitttent to easterm OH and by 21Z was lengtheneing out over OH and was gone by 2315Z. K8MR wasn't much of a factor here. I never heard him til after 21Z on 75M and we worked 3 times total. I had better luck with K8RYU, N8TFD, KJ9C, W8MRG and W1NN who I worked quite a few times. Thanks for the counties. I operated about as much as possible. We HAD a pretty bad drought til the evening of the OQP. My break for dinner was extended by about 25 minutes by a thunderstorm with high winds and plenty of lightening; then about 0220Z I noticed an increase in the already high QRN level on 80M; I QRT'ed about 0245 and by 0250 it was raining again with mucho grande lightening again. This storm was the mother of all drought busters; it rained hard for just about exactly one hour! The AC was interruppted but remained on twice during the first wave, but our local water system was knocked out by each storm! There were several broken limbs from trees, but the antennas survived as well as me. Needless to say, it was no picnic digging out signals thru the high QRN from about 20Z til the end of the OQP. My goal was to work as many counties as possible; I ended up with 74 total counties worked. I did spend probably a bit too much time running when the rates were decent. Thanks for the fun event and the counties. N9FN -  This was my second year in OQP, again in Mercer County. We set up in Eastland Park in Celina, OH. It is a great little park that has large shelters with electricity, tall trees, and rest rooms with running water! Once again Carol (KC9ERM) was a great help with logistics, getting the antennas up, (and down in the rain!), and keeping me fed and hydrated! We had a great visit with Wayne, K5ZG as well. We only had a brief shower during the afternoon, and then another that started about an hour before the end of the contest that continued until well after we were packed up and on our way out. Carol took lots of pictures and promises to make a nice looking QSL for anyone interested. NA3V -  I only had a couple of hours to work the contest. All those mobiles popping up in different counties kept me twirling the rig dial. PA3ARM -  Hello there, Just thought let you share mi experiences re mi 7th OH QSO party this year. OH is the only one I did not miss since 2000 es also this year liked it a lot. Was on from the beginning es had checked the planned routes carefully to see whether I might have a chance to catch some new counties from the 13 still needed to finish OH fer the USA-CA . (will continue in the parties once that has been achieved hi) As usual mi modest set up: 100W wid 2x10m dipole fer 20m es inv vee fer 40m if QRM wud allow contacts on that band. After 3 hrs there were a total of 6! QSO's in mi log so was prepared for a contest to finish without ani excitement. Suddenly though the band came to live es when I finally went to bed at 02.30Z I even had 14 contacts on 40m in the log. (between all RTTY QRM!) Most contacts in this contest after the 63 in 2004! Worked 5 new ones; biggest surprise to hear W8WTS on 40m wid a strong sig signing GEAU which I also still needed. Best moment at the very end when Jim K8MR returned on 40m after a run on that band earlier from LICK es I was afraid he wud sign the next one on his route. Licking is surrounded all by counties I worked already several times in various years. Tks Jim ! Call U all in 2007 ! es tks all fer being in the party, on the road or /r (difficult to identify /r stns though - none in log) CU in 2007 ! 73 VA3RKM -  FT817, 5W, dipoles. Lots of fun. Thanks for working a small signal. VE4LR -  these are all I could hear VE5BC -  Always enjoyable. Band not too bad, QSB heavy. CU in 2007. VE7NH -  CONDX PRETTY POOR OVERALL PLUS NOISES W0PQ -  K1 (5 WATTS) G5RV, COURTEOUS OPERATORS, POOR CONDX W2LHL -  Great mobiles, as usual, However, I wish they would sign /M all the time. W3BBO -  I could only get away for a couple hours, so I went over to Conneaut, Ohio and operated Ashtabula from the car. Everything worked fine, except trying to read the stupid computer screen. W4NTI -  Forty was totally blasted by RTTY, only band I could work Ohio W4TMN -  This was my first OH QSO Party. I did not know you could fit so many signals from one place into a band!!! W6RLL -  Thanks for all the contacts. W8ASA -  Bands were terrible this year! W8B -  Fair results under fair conditions. Two of us went out worked on the antenna farm, to minimize work needed on Saturday. We didn't take a generator, so couldn't check for functionality of the rotor for the 20 M phone station. On Saturday we found that it was stuck (electrically) north. We also suffered from a thunderstorm for about an hour around 2100Z which shut us down for an hour. The 80/40 meter inverted V antenna wouldn't match to the phone rig. KA8LAY and KE4LRA got creative and rigged a NVIS antenna a foot or so above ground which allowed a match to the rig and a few contacts. We worked QCENers K8DV, AA8HH, WB8TDA, and N8TFD (3 counties). Other mobiles who "made our day" were K8BB, 6 counties, K8MR 5 W1NN 5. Even though we figured N8TFD and others were mobiling through BROWn county, we couldn't find them. Perhaps there was a "skip zone" even on 80? W8BD -  Six meters would help with the missing counties. W8CAR -  lots of fun!!!!!!! W8FT -  Very Enjoyable as always! W8KNO -  HAD ONE CONTACT BEFORE GOING TO A WEDDING. NAP A GOT IN ANOTHER HALF HOUR - 1 1/2 HRS WA3EOP -  Sure wish WC8VOA would have heard me. WA5SWN -  WOW! WHAT A SCORE! HUBBA HUBBA! Gonzo ham radio! Seriously I sure enjoyed this relaxed QSO party. Propagation was poor into Kansas on all bands, but I worked every station I heard and had some nice conversations with several. It was fun and satisfying to talk to the state where my mother grew up (Stryker, Williams co.) and where my dad spent part of his childhood (Toledo). I'm looking forward to seeing y'all in the QSO party next year! WD8AJF -  First time for me. A good warmup for Sweepstakes. WF5X -  Bands weren't too nice, but at least they weren't dead! Cya next year 73 - WF5X WW8OH -  WW8OH is the club call which I (WD8E) operated. The 12 hour format is great! K4AMC -  THANKS FOR HAVING THE CONTEST. IT WAS A 40 METER CONTEST FROM HERE. ENJOYED WORKING OLD OHIO FRIENDS. N3RJ -  GREAT CONTEST. GOOD COUNTY REPRESENTATION. CU NEXT YEAR. K8MR -  My apologies to at least one European who called in with a pretty decent signal just as we drove around a curve, placing a very large mountain between him and me. N8VW -  Enjoyed operating with N8HR and crew (thanks Everett!). A great bunch of operators and great station.