2006 Ohio QSO Party Results


The 2006 Ohio QSO Party began in grand style. The propagation gods had smiled, and provided short skip on the bread and butter band, 40 meters. Buckeyes were working other Buckeyes, not to mention lots of other friends from nearby states. Twenty meters was working well too, and even a few contrarians were found on 75 SSB.

But about 2 hours in, those same gods said "enough", and turned off the switch. For the rest of the day there were very few in state qsos, mostly very local ones or ones between people at far opposite ends of the state. But the out of state activity held in there, keeping the bands hopping until the crowds wandered down to 80 meters. The normal summertime QRN was there, but nothing like the storms we had to contend with in 2005.

When it all cleared, we had several first time category winners in Ohio, and several new records from out of state. 204 logs were submited, 86 from Ohio and 117 from out of state. Twenty-six Ohio clubs listed scores - is your local club among them?