AD8J -  Lost the computer after 3 of 5 counties covered. HARR and BELM were logged and sent by hand. HA2MN -  PROPAGATION WAS RATHER POOR DURING CONTEST PERIOD. MAYBE IT WILL BE BETTER NEXT YEAR. THANKS FOR THE QSOs. RIG TS-530SP 100W INTO A WHIP. CU NEXT YEAR! K0GSV -  Great contest, but need to be longer,maybe until early Sunday afternoon. K0LWV -  Great website, had everything: Summary, log, county check off. QRN very heavy on 40 meters. K2TA -  WOW! The BEST turnout for a QSO party! FANTASTIC WORK GUYS! Special thanks for the mobiles who took the time to get repeats of my K2 QRP sig especially on SSB and 80M. Fun contest! K3CQ -  LIMITED TIME AVAILABLE. HAD FUN. K3TW -  "Thanks to the mobile stations for making this QSO Party so much fun." K4AMC -  Always a great contest. K4UK -  ANOTHER FUN QSO PARTY. CONDITIONS WERE QUITE GOOD. ENJOYED CHATTING WITH K8KR FOR 30 MINUTES DURING PARTY. ENJOY LOW KEY QSO PARTIES. HI. K5XYL -  Out of state YL K8IR -  A pleasant surprise to have 20 meters open for much of the afternoon. Last year I had zero 20 meter contacts. A great job as usual by the mobiles and rovers. K8KR -  Great Contest with a lot of particiipation! K8ND -  I got on for a few hours (total of ~5 hours) towards the end of the contest. K9DXR -  Tnx to all the rovers that provided many new counties K9NW -  Nice condx but very limited time this year. KA9JAC -  The propagation made things very interesting, at first it was hard to tell if we should be on 20 or 40. Had fun in my first OQP. KB6NU -  I didn't get to operate much, but I always have fun working state QSO parties. Thanks for sponsoring this one. KB8UUZ -  Computer died 1 hour into contest. Managed to repair it in 30 minutes and back on. Bands seemed down. KC8YKQ -  Conditions were much better than last year! KD8AUQ -  My first contest. Had fun! Not that easy.Good skill builder ! Tnx for running the OQP. 73, Patrick KF8HR -  Glad to make Clinton County a multiplier for those needing this county. See you again next year! Bill KF8HR KG8JK -  Fun but not too many open bands. KI4FW -  Great state QSOP -- among the best; excellent mobile participation and seemingly the full representation of counties. The OQP is clearly a must for county hunters, and good fun; there wasn't a dull moment when I had my earphones on. KI7GV -  Had a great time in the contest and it was nice to hear a large number of OH stations on the air. My score isn't the greatest but the fun was what I was there for. See you next year. 73, Mark KJ9C -  Bittersweet contest...worked most of the day and managed to get to OH by 2200... had a good run going from Preble at the end, but overheated and blew the battery booster that provides 13.8v to the 706. Hope this works. Can provide Excel log if that easier to manage. 689 points x 61 mults. KN4Y -  Great to hear CW stations, proves not all Ohio CW stations have moved to Florida. KT4Q -  Enjoyed spending the evening working stations back in my home state (Fairfield Co.) Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V Cushcraft X7 @ 60 ft Cushcraft R7 @ 95 ft Carolina Windom 160 @ 70 ft KJ5RC -  QSO Party was great. Enjoyed working it. Really some nice guys. (YL OP) N1NN -  First Ohio Qso Party N2GJ -  Just played for a few minutes with my Elecraft KX1 using the internal batteries - 1 watt QRP to a G5RV up in a tree in my backyard. N4NW -  Thanks for many OHIO stations QRV making this an enjoyable Party. N8BJQ -  Lots of activity this year. Congrats to N8VW for the great score. N8HR -  This LOG 20 Meter Phone ONLY N8IE -  This was the best year for me! The new 80M antenna rocked. Thanks to all who make this one of the best events around! 72, 73 Dan, N8IE N9FN -  I operated as a Rover from Auglaize County in the Grand Lake St Marys State Park for the first half of the contest, then moved to Mercer County in Eastland Park in Celina for the second half. This was my first OQP and we had a great time. N9JF -  INCREDIBLE CONDX ON 20 FROM OH TO IL! NI8Z -  First time for the QSO party, lots of fun NO6X -  RIG: YAESU MARK V PWR: 200 W ANT: Quad Dipole (10-40); Vert (40,80) NT4XT -  My Lady Corsair and I had a nice mellow excursion driving our dipoles. NU8Z -  Had fun passing out some contacts. Condx were not too good from southern Michigan. Good job by organizers. Mark NU8Z NA3V -  Getting to be a pretty big contest! During the short time I was on I heard some high serial numbers racked up. OK1KT -  Nice contest despite not very gd propagations. Thanks for the new counties ! PA3ARM -  Too bad my family planned the family day this year on last saturday in August. (hopefully not too often). So cud not join till 21.00Z . No idea what I misseed but think heard some DX stns issueing TTX seq nrs so maybe propagation just started when I joined. No luck wid new counties (only 2 worked out of 15 needed) but it was fun to be on the air. Think condx cud have been worse. Cu in 2006..hope; wud be mi 7th.. !! SP5UAF -  I decided to participate because I met Steve N8BJQ. I met Steve when he was in Poland last year. I participated YO DX Contest in the same time so I had no time for more QSOs VA3RKM -  QRP 5W, vertical and dipole VE5BCS -  A very enjoyable contest. The bands were good, most contacts tough. But good. W1END -  Lots of activity in this party. Enjoyed every minute of it. Skip was quite good on 20M. Thanks to everyone especially the mobiles and rovers. Looking forward to next year. W2UDT -  Lot of activity on 80/40/20M.Thanks to the mobiles for keeping things interesting. W3BBO -  ...then the rains came. W3AG -  It was fun being a "rover" even though I only made it to one county. Left Pittsburgh at 12:15 pm and made my first qso at 5:01pm. Murphy was my co-pilot/navigator! W4TDB -  MY TIME WAS LIMITED. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE IN TENNESSEE QSO PARTY SEPT 11, 2005 W5QQQ -  What did you do to band conditions ?? W6RLL -  Conditions were not too good here in AZ. Thanks for all the QSO, and a special thanks to the mobiles. W8B -  Fun time in BROWn County! QSL via N8XX. W8FT -  Had a great time getting the Findlay Radio Club active. I think the guys are ho W8KNO -  ENJOYED THE EVENT W9RE -  Lots of activity made this one a nice contest. WA8YVF -  Had a great time, doubled my score from last year. OQP is the Best! WB0UZM -  Would loved to have had the whole weekend to work Ohio. Whats round on the ends and high in the middle? WF5X -  Short condx on 40m during day made for good early mult count from MI. Tnx fer FB QSO party. 73 - WF5X WM8R -  I had a great time explaining to the Ohio State Patrol what I was WM8R doing with an FT817 with whip, on a shoulder strap, balancing a paddle on WM8R my clipboard on an exit ramp in Madison County at 11:30 PM local. He finally WM8R shook his head and said" Well, have fun" as he walked back to his car. WM8R WO8HIO -  Why limit mobile stations to only 100 watts? Please increase their power limit to help level out the playing field. NA2X -  Great job all the way around !