K2RP -  Got 18 new counties! K4AQ -  Was also working the SCC RTTY contest. Yaesu FT-897 transceiver operated at 5 watts into a 5-MHz OCF 28-gauge insulated wire stealth antenna up 40 feet in heavy foliage trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta industrial area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. WriteLog 10.48f. K4AMC -  Great contest with lots of activity. First year to put in full time. K5SF -  Thanks for holding the QSO Party. K8AJS -  After the first three and a half hours of the contest, in which I had worked two counties, one of them my own, I decided something had to change. I took off an hour and changed antennas from the Carolina Windom that I had been using to a G5RV. The difference in hearing Ohio stations was like between night and day. That wasn't bad enough. At 6:30 PM I had to shut down for an hour as a tornado-carrying thunder- storm moved through the area, watching it carefully until it moved away. After all of that, my results were disappointing. If I had started with the right antenna and the weather had cooperated, it could have been a whole different ball game. Wait 'til next year. K8DDB -  Enjoyed the contest, but couldn't spend much time. K8IR -  As much fun as you can have in the OQP without short skip on 20! K8KFJ -  Very happy to make a few QSOs in the OH QSO Party K8VFR -  Lots of QRN & QRM. Seemed like Ohio didn't want to QSO Michigan or else they couldn't hear much? Was fun anyhow! K9JIG -  S5 QRN, S9+ static crashes & S5-8 signals levels did not go well here in NE Wis. KD5MDO -  Started out great here and then we had major thunderstorms come through. Band conditions not so good after that but still enjoyed working the contest when I could. The mobile Ohio ops did a fantastic job - thanks! KN4Y -  Great to hear CW fixed and mobile operators, glad to know not all the CW operators have moved to South Florida. (Not yet, Hi! -- ed.) KV8Q -  First time ever for this event. Quite a learning experience. Made lots of notes for next year. Had to quit for 30 minutes for quite a lightning display. QRN on 80 was horrendous. Sorry I required so many repeats on that band. Lots of fun and I'll put it on my calendar for next year. Rig - TenTec Jupiter Antenna - G5RV @ 45' N2CQ -  Great activity and many counties. One of the best! N3AWS -  Used a Hustler mobile antenna on my car in the drivveway and an Icom 706 MKIIG at 5 watts. N4GG -  Enjoyed it a lot -sorry it had to be a very part-time effort. Ohio sure does get out the participation - well done! N4NTO -  Enjoyed the brief time I got to play! N8IE -  This was, as always a very fun event. Although the sun did not "explode" this year, Mother Nature stepped up and provided the normal OQP challenge in the form of severe thunderstorms. Thanks to the rovers who provided a lot of excitement at the end with new multipliers! Way to go folks! Also, big kudos to the MI folk who are always there supporting the OQP. 73 Dan, N8IE N8TP -  Had a blast making contacts with my former state of residence, I just wish band conditions had been better so I could have talked to more of you! UA3AGW -  Thanks for the nice contest and hope to participate next year with more serious effort VA3OX -  my way of saying thanks for ur participation in the ONTARIO QSO PARTY. W1WIU -  Great fun- see you next year. W1END -  I think this was my first Ohio QSO Party. Had only a short time to operate but I'll be back next year. Thanks to all. W2LHL -  Lots of fun, even without 80M antenna, no signals on 20/15/ 10. Mobile/rover stations did a great job. W3BBO -  My first outing as a mobile in the Ohio QSOP, Hopefully not the last, as this was fun! W3DCG -  Was fun. Although CW is my favorite mode, Ohio QP policy makers remind me once again, I need to Upgrade- no real chance @ SSB Q! W5OOO -  The high noise level caused by front moving thru this area did not help much. Was a great party anyway. W8B -  HAD LOTS OF FUN WITH A 1 BY 1 CALL W8TK -  30/S9 QRN FOR ENTIRE CONTEST. BIG HEADACHE. W8KNO - WITH THE CREATION OF PHONE ONLY. CREATE A WAY FOR A STATION TO GIVE CW CONTACTS BUT NOT HAVE IN COUNT IN THE SCORE. (We do, sort of... you can make CW contacts, which do add to your score, but only the SSB contacts count toward your score for the SSB Plaque competition. - ed.) W9AEM -  Had a great time. Lost the HD on my computer during the contest and there went my logging and dupe checking software. W9DY -  Enjoyed working some FB ops. Condx normal for a QP - awful. No OH sigs on 20M. W9MSE -  Many thanks to all the mobiles. I worked 19 of the last 20 counties I need in OH for 3d time all counties all CW. WA8RJF -  QRN, QRN, QRN... WD8Q -  My first OQP. I only had 2+ hours but had a ball. CW forever! WG8I -  First OH QSO Party - had fun! WT9U -  DUE TO LOGGING PROBLEM IN MARI COUNTY THREE STATIONS WERE GIVEN INCORRECT SERIAL NUMBERS. THE LOG REFLECTS THE SERIAL NUMBER THAT WAS ACTUALLY SENT. THESE QSO'S TOOK PLACE AT 2305Z, 2306Z AND 2307Z. TOTAL QSO'S IN LOG 683. AD1C -  Screwed up serial numbers a couple of times. Sent #17 twice. Sent #56 twice, but didn't send #57. DL5MC - Hello,great to got a lot of mobiles and gave them points :-)Sorry no 15 meter...40 m with ssb-jamming here in Europe...Thanks for an other one!73,Hal DL5MC DL9AWI - I hope,it´s now ok with the Log.It´s was my first US-Qso-Party.vy 73 and hope work again next year. Erik DL9AWI K0JPL -  Good activity. KØJPL K2PS -  Condx on 40 and 80 FB, but 20 very difficult from NJ to OH. That hurt my score a lot. But the mobiles were fantastic, could check 40CW every 15 minutes or so and always find one or more in a new county. Good job! K3TW -  "Conditions were very good for QRP." K4IR -  Elecraft K-1 to a ground-mounted Butternut vertical. First time I used a computer for logging. Spent a lot of time trying to learn the program. Good party with a lot of Ohio participation. K8IW -  I was in this contest for new counties toward the All Counties CW Award, not for the score! :) Picked up Noble and Coshocton, and I will be back next year for more! -- Mike, K8IW K9ZEN -  Wish I could have made more contacts!! KD8AFU -  New call is NN8UU. KF8HR -  Glad to put Clinton Co. on the air for the Ohio QSO Party in 2004. It was rough on 40 & 80 with the storms passing through and QRN, but only had to shut down for about one hour of the contest. Thanks to those for their patience in getting the qso info logged. Look forward to doing the same next year. Hope I was able to find the logs of those needing Clinton County. Bill Storer KF8HR Clinton County KG6OJB - Here is my contacts for the 2004 Ohio QSO Party. I am new to amatuer radio, and this is the first contest I have taken part in. I only keep paper logs, and did not make many contacts due to band conditions in my area.Contacts were made using a Kenwood TS-2000 radio and an Alpha Delta DX-CC inverted V antenna, which peaks 32 feet above the ground. Contacts were made using 100 watts of power.Unfortunately, I only have these two contacts to submit. Thank you for the opportunity to participate, and I hope to log more contacts next year. N4PN -  Thanks to Jim, K8MR and the OQP Committee for putting on a really good show...lots of activity with a lot of good operators made this a great QSO Party. K8MR led the way for me with 21 Q - 16 Mults followed by AF8A 20/14; WT9U 19/14; K8BB 18/14; KJ9C 18/13; AD8P 11/11; AA8HH 10/7; N8TFD 10/7; K8RYU 7/5; and Steve, N8BJQ 3/3...Lots of mobiles with one or two counties...More times than not can't hear the Southern part of Ohio from here on 20m but the whole state was workable for the first few hours. 40m was the workhorse with great signals from fixed and mobiles. See you next year! Rig: FT1000MP/TenTec Titan - Ants: TH-5 @ 65'/A/D 80/40 @ 50' N8VW -  Started out mobile. Had car problems in first county. Next attempt was fixed from k8mk. Left early and finished up qrp under club call KD8AFU (now NN8UU). No 15m q this year. Band was open, but no one home. NA2X -  Great job by everybody ! Lot of fun. Picked up 4 new counties and W7DRA -  Was trying to work the Hawaii QSO party but heard no one so.........OhQP it was! WB8YYY - MY FIRST STAB IN OQP. CW ACTIVITY REALLY WANED AS DAY WENT ON.TRIED TO MAKE QSO'S ON 80M BUT FEW FIXED STATIONS COULD HEAR MY QRP SIG.SO I WENT BACK TO CHASING MOBILE STATIONS. HAD NO SPEAKING VOICE DUE TO ALLERGIES SO IT HAD TO BE ALL CW. RIG K2 AT 5W. ANTENNA OFF CENTER FED DIPOLE. YU1AAV -  Good condx in the first evening hours on 20m but then vy bad propagations began,wkd just 3 qsos on 40m,couldn't cpy OHIO stns because of RTTY contest,hi.Cu next year in better condx!