Tough Propagation

The N8HR operation from Muskingum county, listed as Single Operator High Power, was actually a multioperator entry, operated by WZ8P, KE8YP, and WX8J.

Therefore Al Sharp, K8YG, from Ashtabula county becomes the winner of the Single Operator Phone Plaque.

N8HR becomes the Multioperator winner.

We apologize for the error, in particular to the W8B crew (N3HAT,KC8KKC,W9OBQ,K4ZLE,N8XX), who had been shown as the Multioperator winner. We do appreciate their effort in activating rare Brown county, and hope they can return there, or to some other rare county, to do battle again in the 2005 OQP!

Fighting the tough propagation and winning was Bob Liddy, K8BL, from Lake county. Bob ended with 499 qsos, beating out the winner of the previous few years, Mike Tessmer, K9NW, who again operated from N8BJQ's Champaign county QTH. John Bastin, K8AJS, from Wayne county got his new QTH working just in time to take the High Power Ohio category, and Dan Shepherd, N8IE, from Montgomery county returned to the top spot in the QRP category.

The Ohio Multiop winner was W8B, the Brown county expedition led by Hank Greeb, N8XX.

The mobile category again had a great complement of excellent operators covering the whole state. But when it was over, five of the saddest words a Buckeye can hear were heard: The Team From Michigan Won. From up north Don Chisholm, K8BB, and Ken Meier, W8MJ, visited us to operate the OQP. Better than the other mobiles, they kept at the difficult job of making phone qsos and multipliers, and were rewarded with the top mobile spot. Neither operator is new to the OQP. Don, then WX3M, was the 2002 Ohio Single Op winner from W8AV in Wayne County. W8MJ has mobiled through OH several times as part of the K8CC/m team.

Now with a category to accurately reflect his efforts, Ralph Metheny, K8RYU, was the Rover winner, with a solid effort from several of Ohio's rarest southeast counties.

A new trophy for 2004 was for the top single operator phone score. Winning it was Everett Jackson, WZ8P, from Muskingum county. Not far behind was Ashtabula county's K8YG. Although there was no such official category for CW only, Tom Hain, KV8Q, from Franklin county can be noted as taking that unoffical one.

The top Ohio YL score was turned in by Kitty Hevener, WB8TDA, from Hamilton county.

The Ohio Club Competition was led by the Lake County Amateur Radio Association. With a contest high 10 entries LCARA more than doubled the score of the second place club, the Northern Ohio DX Association.