The 2004 Ohio Qso Party

The 2004 Ohio QSO Party continued its tradition of challenging propagation, at least for Ohioans working other Ohioans. There were no notable spaceweather phenomena such as flares and particle storms that have afflicted us in previous years, just a combination of late summer propagation meeting a declining sunspot cycle. But we did get more than the normal earth weather, with severe thunderstorms making widespread appearances around Ohio. A number of stations reported shutting down early to avoid these storms, and those who stayed on had some very high QRN levels to deal with, specially during the early evening hours.

The 2004 OQP received 165 logs, 70 from Ohio and 95 from outside Ohio. 20,881 qsos were reported, by band as follows:


All Ohio counties were on the air. The rarest was Holmes with 8 qsos reported; Lake was once again by far the most active. Of the W/VE multipliers, only New Brunswick and the Northern Territories (VE8/VY1) were missing.