Thanks to

This year the OQP log checking was done by Pat Collins, N8VW, who is also the chief web guy for the OQP. OQP Committee members AF8A and W8AV chipped in, with Gary, AF8A, doing much of the precontest publicity and maintaining the list of OQP records.

Everett Jackson, WZ8P, is the one who handles the beautiful plaques for the category winners. Note that Everett is in the printing business - if you need top quality work for your local club or any other reason, check it out with him. OQP Chairman K8MR handles the complaint department.

Thanks to the various clubs from around Ohio who sponsored the plaques, and most of all, thanks to all those hams, both inside Ohio and out, who braved the often trying conditions last August 23 to make the 2003 celebration of Ohio's 200th anniversary a lot of fun for all.

We hope you will all join us for the 2004 Ohio QSO Party, on Saturday, August 28. Note to Mr. Murphy: the real date for you, and you only, is September 28!