A number of state qso parties have awarded small prized to top entries in their contests. Most notable has been the California QSO Party, which gives out bottles of wine. Not to be outdone, the OQP sponsors considered various things of note from Ohio, and decided we do have one thing unique and very dear to the hearts of ham radio operators - the Dayton Hamvention!

So we decided to award a ticket to the 2004 Hamvention to five out of state hams who made at least 200 qsos in the OQP. Along the way we decided to expand things, and award tickets to 5 more lucky folks from a pool of those who made at least 88 qsos. (88 being the number of Ohio counties; but the 88 qsos did not have to be from all 88 counties). A number of members of the sponsoring Mad River Radio Club chipped in to pay for these prizes. The winners were drawn by K8NZ, N8TR, and W8CAR during a lull in activity during the ARRL DX CW contest at K8AZ, and the winners are:

From the out-of-state 200+ qso group:

W1NN, K4BAI, NT5TU (operator of W5AC), K8IR, and N9JF.

From the 88+ qso group:

AB8NI, AF8C, NC8V, KW8N, and KV0T.

Thanks go to those MRRC'ers who donated to make the Hamvention ticket awards possible: K5IID, AC8E, AD8P, AD8J, AF8A, K8GU, K8MR, KU8E, N8VW, W8AV, and W8RU.

The winners will be mailed their tickets after Hamvention tickets are distributed, likely in April.

Anyone interested in helping sponsor these awards (and possibly expanding them) for the 2004 OQP, please contact OQP Chairman Jim Stahl, K8MR, at: