2008 Ohio QSO Party Results

The important part of the Ohio QSO Party is getting on the air. And lots of you are doing that. We had 212 logs submitted out of 2659 distinct callsigns recorded this year. Of those 2659, 440 made more than 10 contacts with 182 submitting logs and 59 made more than 100 contacts with 51 submitting a log. We can't recognize you unless you submit a log, so please see the rules on how.


Single-OP Low Power

Single operator low power is by far the most popular category to enter. For those outside Ohio, K8IR in the UP of Michigan had the top score, followed by ever present Keith WA3HAE, NY4N of the Tennessee Contest Group, W2LHL who also is regular, K4ZGB of the Alamba Contest Group, K4OD of South East Contest Club. Rounding out the top 10 are WA4SM, W1DWA, K0JPL and N6MU in California.

In Ohio, K2KW takes it in from the southwest part of the state, followed by K8NVR in the North Central, WB8JUI up near Cleveland (that is a joke BTW, he is really fairly far west from Cleveland) and N8VV over by Canton. N8OT, WB8CEH, N9AUG and W8WTS were all fairly close score wise, so keep up the good work. Finally, KE8PX, N8IW and K8IJ make up the rest of the top ten. Well top eleven, inadvertently left out N8OT.

From outside the US. PA3ARM takes the win followed by first timer HP8/NC6Q, YO3JW and HA2MN. Thanks for getting on.

Single-OP QRP

N2WN, takes the crown in this category with dedication in keeping those antennas up to make the q's. With the poor high band conditions, being able to work the mobiles on 40m and 80m QRP will always net you a win. K3TW was not to far back and always has a great signal into this QTH qrp. We also recognize the rest of the QRPers. ND0C, K4PBY, K8GVK N7RR and from England G3UFY. Great job and 72.

In Ohio, we received only once entry. N8VW who operated from his garage all the while running kids around for his sons birthday party/sleep over. I know he felt bad the next morning because he had to sleep in a tent with the kids and his air mattress was leaky.

Single-OP High Power

Out of state, K4BAI whipped N4PN's butt (but only because Paul had to miss an hour due to a family event), great job guys. KO7X in Wyoming takes third, note that Brian was working people on 40m an hour into the contest. Either 40m was good or we need more activity on 20m. WA2VYA, W0BH, W9IU, NS9I, N8II, K4LTA and AA3B round out the top ten.

K8MP takes first place HP from Ohio by a wide margin. N8BJQ in a CW only entry takes send followed by K1LT in a vertical only entry. We are always glad to hear the Dr. John Kraus's (SK) callsign W8JK on the air and Bob Dixon W8ERD used it take fourth place this year. Checkout their web site at http://www.w8jk.org. Two phone only entries take fith and sixth, K8BSW and WZ8P. NS8O, K8YSE round out the Ohio HP top ten...er....eight.

The DX winner was LY2ZZ with a tie with between HA7UG and LY5W for second. DL3GA, and OQ5M take third and fourth respectively. We've made some changes to help increase activity on 20m and up. Hope to see you on again.


Big congrats to KJ8F for the win.

Phone Only

K8BSW wins the phone only entry, but we would also like to recognize the other phone only entries: WZ8P, N3ME, K8YSE, N8YHA, KD8DWI, K9FH, KB8DDZ, KB8UEY, WA8TWM, KC8IMV, WA8YVF, KD8ELX, NR8U, KC8YKQ, W8AL, W8B, N8XTH, W8WTD, KD8HCK, N8XWO, W8KVK, N8XAY, K8DXR, KB3ILX, KC0IKU, KX8C, WO3X KC9KIO, WA5ZUP, KD8AJK, K8RJH, KC8BTN, VE3TW, K2DSL, W1CRK, VA3WPV, W8DYF, K5DHY, VE2HAY, N8YQM, KC8UVM, N8QE, AC7SM, KC2FOL, K4GOP, W7JAZ, W8MLP, NS6T, NC8ED, N6AJR, KB5DRJ, W8VND, W8FT, W8HH, W8MRG. That is a lot of callsigns, CW guys. ;)


Hats off to the 7 mobile operations. All the ops here are fantastic with K8MR coming out on the top of the heap, followd by W8TK and N8TFD. W8OS, W8AV, AE8M and W3AG also desirve praise for sticking with it and making the qsos.


The rover category may be taking off. This is a bit more relaxed (can we say that) than the mobile category. K8RYU, the most experienced takes it followed by W1NN and W9MSE. Break out those fiberglass poles and get those antennas up higher. Rover is fun and doesn't take much effort.


Lots of radios + lots of operators = a good Ohio QSO Party time. K8T takes it with a big lead over N9FN followed by K8FH, W8W, N8IE, W8VND, W8FT, WC8VOA, W8HH and W8MRG. Don't have the equipment at home and don't want to spend money on gas, multi-op is a great way to have fun. K8T and N9JF were both FD style setups and they didn't have to operate all night! Great job everyone.

K8CC of Mad River Radio Club fame made use of his super antennas and closeness to Ohio to negate the disadvantage that gives on 40m by running them all day on 80m. Two Illinois stations N2BJ and N9JF also enjoyed multi-oping of the extreme contesting variety by utilizing packet. Since we don't limit packet usage, I'm sure this also covers things like twitter, so practice your extreme contesting in the Ohio QSO Party so you can be experienced for the CQ WW.

Result Tables


We give thanks and appreciation to the following. Mad River Radio Club, Findlay Radio Club,The Cincinnati Buckeye Netters, Kanga US, Muskingum Ham Radio Club, The Canton Amateur Radio Club, The Northern Ohio DX Association, The Wayne Amateur Radio Club, The Lake County Amateur Radio Association,Joe Matt, W3AG, The Buckeye Belles for their support. WZ8P for awards. User Friendly Information Systems for their outstanding hosting and fast servers. And all you for getting on the air.


Our conclusion, only a few short weeks till the 2009 event. Remember to post questions to the email list, archives are here. Post your operation on the web site. Submit your log to logs@oqp.us, by mail or by web upload. RIP K8QOE we will miss your support.


Digital. Dig out that trs-80 or whatever you are using and put the Ohio QSO Party on the digital map. Everybody likes more points. Make a qso on 10, 15 or 20m and get 4 points. Yea! Follow us on twitter Friend us on facebook


(If you find any more links let us know)


HP8/NC6Q -  Arrived in Panama, set up antenna and station all in the same day. After a short (well earned) "siesta," managed to work last few hours of contest. Sorry I didn't hear Lorain Co. Good fun! AC7SM -  Thanks much for a great contest! CU2JT -  E-MAIL: garwik@yahoo.com DL3GA -  Again worse condx than last year, I hardly copied any mobiles. About time for the sun to support us a little better. Let hope so for the party 2009. G3UFY -  RIG - FT817 5W output ANTENNAS - Tribander up 44ft Worked all the OQP stations I heard !! HA2MN -  Due to very poor propagation that is all what I could collect from OH this time. Many thanks for Qs, see you next year! Rig TS-530SP 100 W into a end-fed 21 mtrs long wire above flat roof. HA7UG -  Used my new 4L SteppIR@24mh + 600W, FT920 K0LWV -  Tnx for the contest, nice site & downloadable forms. The QRN from storms was terrible on 40. K1LT -  This was my first state QSO party. Its fun being the object of everyone attention! Since I was entertaining the in-law kids during the afternoon, I was only able to get on at the beginning and at the end. I was able to get back to 20 CW often enough to work W8TK/M in several counties. Naturally, Tom was quite strong when he was in Fairfield County. He was down to the ESP level by the time he got to Athens County. I worked him again on 80 when he was in Pickaway and Franklin Counties. I actually made a few contacts on 40 SSB. I generally dislike SSB, but one can't argue with rate :-) One caller was WO8HIO, which amused me greatly because we obtained WO8HIO and KO8HIO as special event calls for the Ohio State Fair a few times back in the 80s. I guess WO8HIO is now a permanent assignment. The rate on 80 CW towards the end of the contest was amazing! I worked 96 stations the first hour I was on 80. If I hadn't been drinking beers with my in-laws for the 5 hours prior to that, maybe the rate would have exceed 100. Also, the QRN didn't help. I worked LY2ZZ on three bands. On 80 at first, I thought he was a local! Station: IC765, K8ND ETO 91B at "half power", all verticals, all of the time. This year, I built a relay to switch between the 80 inverted-L, and the 4-BTV, rather than walking around behind the rig to change cables. My apologies to a few stations on 20 towards the end when I inadvertently left the Beverages connected as my receiving antenna. They don't play too well on 20. See y'all next year! K3TW -  "Band conditions were only fair this year. The skip was long on 40m, and thunderstorm QRN on 80m made every QSO a challenge. Many thanks for the activity and congratulations to the mobile stations for putting the rare counties on the air." K3TX -  Good turnout, especially mobiles. Why no All-CW class? K4PBY -  Great contest with lots of cw activity. I could only operate for a few hours but enjoyed every minute. Rig was a TenTec Argonaut running QRP 5 wts to an 80 mtr inv vee. K4XD -  Thanks for 3 new counties and a fun QP! K8CC -  Only seven Ohio stations worked on 40M phone. OTOH, we started working 75M phone just fifteen minutes into the contest. K8IJ -  Operated /8 at QTH of sister-in-law. Not great condx, but great fun! Many thanks to all. Vy 73, Charlie, K8IJ K8IR -  40 went long before 80 opened up. The noise on 80 came up before the signals. Finally was able to hear the mobiles on 80 in the last three hours. K8MM -  I had to be out of town most of the day and got home with only two hours left in the contest. I had to wait an hour and fifteen minutes for some thunderstorms to leave the immediate area so I could get on the air and hand out some qso. K8T -  Operated from the WA3C QTH in Jefferson County. Good antenna separation so we were able to operate two KW stations at the same time including 75 and 80 at the same time. K8YSE -  Cuyahoga County KB8UEY -  Only operated about 6.5 hours. Was on call at the fire department and actually had to run a couple of calls. Had nothing that would load on 15m with my tuner. Worked a few states on 20m, several states on 40m, but all in state was on 75m. KC9HGW -  Note change to "CW Only" KD8ELX -  Used SD logging software by EI5DI KJ9C -  Prop on 40 was poor, then it wnet long and disappeared. Wish I could have been /m in Ohio KL8DX -  Only band open for me was 20 meters and it was far from great! Highlights were working into my old county of residence, Ottawa. Also great to work so many familiar callsigns and old neighbors. Even with heavy QSB and poor bands, it was still a blast! A special thanks to all the mobiles especially with gas prices! N1NN -  IST OHIO QSO PARTY N2WN -  Well it started out OK. 40 was the place to be... then the 40M sloper I put up specifically for the OhQP came down about 30 minutes into the contest. Got that back up fairly quick. I had also put up a temp 80M dipole (semi-sloper), well the feedline to that was no good, so took it down just before the contest started. There was activity on 80/75 early and the vertical was not going to cut it. Went out and hauled the dipole up the side of the mast, where it promptly got tangled, an hour later it was ready to go and was the best performer for the party! Moved and followed a couple moves from CW to SSB, which helped the multiplier count. Thanks to all who dug me out on SSB, QRN sounded like the biggest Ohio problem. It was pretty quiet here. Played tag with Rick, WB8JUI a couple times trying to move him for SSB and finally made a connection on 75. Heard a couple of very weak Ohio stations on 20 and a lot of DX working them, but never had a good path from this part of Tn. Also checked 10 and 15 for nada. Considering the problems and conditions I'm happy with the score. Thanks to the mobiles again, always glad to have folks do the deed for the rest of us. W9MSE took top honors with 11 contacts, followed by K8MR (10), W1NN (8), N8TFD (7), W8TK & W8AV (6) and K8RYU (5). Both K8MR and W1NN were speed demons on CW and pulled me out at 29 to 31 WPM every time. Thanks to all who spent some time playing and hope to work some familar calls in the TnQP in a couple weeks! N3TG -  I had fun, although it would help if Ohio mobiles would sign /m occasionally N4PN -  ANOTHER GREAT OHIO QP. THANKS TO THE SPONSORS AND MOBILES/ ROVERS. ALSO, TO THE MANY FIXED STATIONS THAT SHOWED UP. WITH THE PRICE OF GAS, HATS-OFF TO THE FOLLOWING: CALL/ Q - K8MR/17, W9MSE/14, W1NN/12, W8AV/11, W3AG/N8TFD/10, K8RYU/9, W8TK/8, AE8M/7 AND W8OS/4. GRANDAUGHTERS GYM MEET SATURDAY MORNING PREVENTED ME FROM STARTING AT 1600...FIRST CONTACT WA8TWM AT 1656..NICE HORSE RACE WITH K4BAI BUT COULD NEVER CATCH HIM..MY SCORE HIGHER THIS YEAR BY 12,300 POINTS...AGAIN, GREAT SHOWING!! N4VA -  Enjoyed the QSO Party a lot. Wish I was further from Ohio so I could have also used 20 meters. Great job by the mobiles! N7RR -  Power output 4.9W as shown on Elecraft K3 power indicator. N8BJQ -  Missed lots of the mobiles on 40. The band was long. 80 was very noisy but productive. Thanks to all of the mobiles for thier efforts. No T-storms this year so got to spend more time on the air. N8KZF -  Group camping area Lake Hope State Park, battery power with Cub Scout Pack #379 N8VW -  Parttime N9FN -  We had a GREAT time operating portable from Eastview Park in Celina, OH. Since there is no multi-single category allowed, we decided to try the multi-multi portable route this year. Our CW station was an Icom IC-7000 with an LDG AT-7000 automatic antenna tuner and a MicroHam CW-Keyer. The SSB station was an Icom 756Pro with it internal antenna tuner. We had separate dipoles for 80, 40, and 20 with ICE single band bandpass filters which completely eliminated interference between stations. A homemade slingshot with Zebco fishing reel attached got the antennas in the air quickly. Logging was done with Writelog and Microham interfaces. The park was a great setting to operate from, not to mention one of the closest locations in Ohio from my home QTH. It was a great weekend getaway in addition to a great contest! ND0C -  Missed some prime 20 meter propagation between here and Ohio due to family obligations. Had fun despite limited operating time. I would have like to have seen more Ohio stations active, especially on SSB. Bands seemed noisy, but that been the trend for awhile. Thanks to everybody for their patience and persistence in digging my 5 watt signal out of the QRM and static crashes. NS6T -  My previous entry had the wrong frequency. Sorry. W1DWA -  Great party - 40 in good condx - good ops in Ohio! W1END -  Was the activity less this year or was it me? Anyhow it was great fun working the fixed stations and chasing mobiles. Thanks to everyone. Rig used: TS830s (100w), Butternut HF6V, Log-EQF software. W2LHL -  Too bad I'm too close for 20/15/10 signals (440 miles to Franklin). Great OQP, as usual. W2UDT -  THANKS TO NR8U (LICK), W8OS(LOGA) AND K8MR(MORG) FOR GIVING ME MY LAST 3 W4ZPR -  Due to my schedule I had limited operating time but enjoyed the QSO Party W5WZ -  Didn't hear many OH stations W8AL -  The Canton ARC operated during our annual picnic, from Petros Park, Stark County, Ohio. Icom 706 with a G5RV at 100 watts W8KVK -  QSO sum:: 80Ph=47 40Ph=15 10Ph=3 = 65 total QSO (65) QSO points X (44) Multipliers = 2,860 points W8W -  NICE OPERATION FROM QTH OF K8NQC AND N8UOO. 20 & 40 WERE IN & OUT. 20 METERS WAS "REASONABLE BUT LOTS OF QSB." FORTY WAS LONG, WORKED ONLY 2 OHIO OPS ON 40. 80/75 WAS A WORKHORSE. WA2VYA -  Enjoyed working Ohio QP for the first time. I went to college in Ohio, so have a fondness for Ohio. Hoping to work all the counties. WA8KIW -  It fun living in a rare county! WA8YVF -  Had a great time even though there was a lot of QRN WB9CIF -  OPERATED IN THE HIGH POWER CATEGORY WO4O -  GUD TO WRK WES/WB8CEH IN A CONTEST AFTER MY MOVE FROM OH 36 YEARS AGO.

2008 Ohio Scores

High Power

K8MP4009230887198332DELADelaware Amateur Radio Association
N8BJQ472960090624CHAMSouthwest Ohio DX Association
K1LT27178261753960FAIRMad River Radio Club
W8JK302790047716DELADelaware Amateur Radio Association
K8BSW0033210334196FRANDelaware Amateur Radio Association
WZ8P003079127937MUSKMad River Radio Club
NS8O452626195220MEIGAthens County Amateur Radio Association

Low Power

callsigncwqsoscwmltsphqsosphmltsscoressort iconcountyclub
K8NVR2977920082127834MEDIMedina 2 Meter Group
WB8JUI31278955998503SENEMad River Radio Club
WB8CEH18863955656049GREEXenia Weather Radio Network
N8OT138611307252780BUTLJohn D. Kraus Memorial ARC
N9AUG19876473549173DELADelaware Amateur Radio Association
W8WTS155481166146434GEAUMad River Radio Club
N8IW17665333136960WAYNWayne Amateur Radio Club
W8PN211750031650CUYAWest Park Radio-ops
AF8C166600019920CUYAWest Park Radio-ops
WA8TWM001646811152LAKELake County Amateur Radio Association
WB8TDA873814129400HAMIQueen City Emergency Net
KA8CNI181893529030MEDIMedina 2 Meter Group
WT8C1613129428855LAKELake County Amateur Radio Association
AC8E211890427920MEDIMedina 2 Meter Group
N8BHL302357437722DELADelaware Amateur Radio Association
N8IJG4486585828LAKELake County Amateur Radio Association
NR8U0081473807LICKCentral Ohio Operators Klub Extra-Novice
W8AL0092383496STARThe Canton Amateur Radio Club
W8B0072483456HAMIQueen City Emergency Net
N8XTH0070493430PORTPortage County Amateur Radio Service
W8WTD0077433311HAMIQueen City Emergency Net
N8XWO0065462990ATHEAthens County Amateur Radio Association
KB8TAD003024720ATHEAthens County Amateur Radio Association


N8VW168590019824FRANOhio Independent Contesters


K8MR644696828131532Northern Ohio DX Association
W8TK56464332097524Caribbean Contest Consortium
N8TFD309571275079715Queen City Emergency Net
W8AV37861221458350Wayne Amateur Radio Club


W1NN519679545126896Mad River Radio Club


K8T46798631109323955JEFFMad River Radio Club
K8FH3018515978124043AUGLMedina 2 Meter Group
W8W202591596871501WILLQueen City Emergency Net
N8IE70322668045472CHAMMad River Radio Club
W8VND003637627588HAMIQueen City Emergency Net
W8FT002878123247HANCMad River Radio Club
W8HH0070433010WASHMarietta Amateur Radio Club


Delaware Amateur Radio Association3371395
Medina 2 Meter Group2688274
Queen City Emergency Net1949716
Northern Ohio DX Association1315321
Caribbean Contest Consortium975241
Wayne Amateur Radio Club 953102
Southwest Ohio DX Association906241
Xenia Weather Radio Network560491
West Park Radio-ops515702
Lake County Amateur Radio Association258353
Athens County Amateur Radio Association89303
Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra-Novice38071
The Canton Amateur Radio Club34961
Portage County Amateur Radio Service34301
Marietta Amateur Radio Club 30101

2008 Out-of-State Scores

High Power

callsigncwqsoscwmltsphqsosphmltsscoressort iconstateclub
K4BAI179731806272630GASouth East Contest Club
N4PN155731746968728GASouth East Contest Club
W9IU8853724123312INSociety of Midwest Contesters
N8II6738804016692WVPotomac Valley Radio Club
K4LTA112640014336TNTennessee Contest Group
AA3B7647232011725PAFrankford Radio Club
W5WMU6640362510920LALouisiana Contest Club
WE9V584126218804WISociety of Midwest Contesters
WB9CIF6852007072INSociety of Midwest Contesters
W9OA6339986345ILNorthern Illinois DX Association
LY5W5843004988DXLithuania Contest Group
KJ9C382614133510INHoosier DX and Contest Club
N3ME0059321888DEPotomac Valley Radio Club
N2SQW191619151767NYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers
K4XD2724331539NCPotomac Valley Radio Club
W3CP2821001176ORWillamette Valley DX Club
OQ5M241900912DXRhein Ruhr DX Association
K8MM131233435MIThumb Area Contesters

Low Power

callsigncwqsoscwmltsphqsosphmltsscoressort iconstateclub
NY4N12565523429898TNTennessee Contest Group
K4ZGB10053623723580ALAlabama Contest Group
K4OD8847734422659GASouth East Contest Club
WA4SM9151513620271TNTennessee Contest Group
K0JPL8041684118696MOSociety of Midwest Contesters
W4NZ9054221614140TNTennessee Contest Group
WO4O4836593911625TNTennessee Contest Group
K9OM91519711078ILFlorida Contest Group
K4FT754516159960KYKentucky Contest Group
N4DW9549009310TNTennessee Contest Group
W1END8251008364NHYankee Clipper Contest Club
KD8ELX0099575643EPAPortage County Amateur Radio Service
KS5A5741004674AZCentral Arizona DX Association
K1GU5441004428TNTennessee Contest Group
W6UB6135004270TNTennessee Contest Group
K7RL412815123880WAWestern Washington DX Club
N3UA4329553094VAPotomac Valley Radio Club
KS8O242119172546MIMenominee River Radio Club
W3WC201922182294PAAllegheny Valley Radio Association
VA3XOV3227001728ONContest Club Ontario
WA2MCR3126001612NYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers
K7BG2624531539MTNorthern Rockies DX Association
KC9HGW2622001144ILSangamon Valley Radio Club
N1BAA2117641008MAYankee Clipper Contest Club
VE3TW002523575ONContest Club Ontario
WA4JA002521525TNTenneseeContest Group
VE3MGY661612504ONContest Club Ontario
N2CU181400504NYWestern New York DX Association
W1CRK002012240MAFalmouth ARA
K6CSL6544144CANorthern California Contest Club
K0MPH6622112MNMinnesota Wireless Association
WA4OSD660072TNTennessee Contest Group
W5WZ650060LALouisiana Contest Club
K4GOP00339FLNorth Florida Amateur Radio Society
YO3JW22008DXPotomac Valley Radio Club


N2WN11256523725668TNTennessee Contest Group
K3TW9654372618320MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club
ND0C613432188008MNMinnesota Wireless Association


K8CC157651276055125MIMad River Radio Club
N2BJ272450305616ILSociety of Midwest Contesters


clubscoressort iconcount
South East Contest Club1640173
Tennessee Contest Group13454311
Society of Midwest Contesters635005
Potomac Valley Radio Club415416
Alabama Contest Group235801
Frankford Radio Club117251
Florida Contest Group110781
Louisiana Contest Club109802
Kentucky Contest Group99601
Yankee Clipper Contest Club83641
Minnesota Wireless Association81202
Northern Illinois DX Association63451
Portage County Amateur Radio Service56431
Lithuania Contest Group49881
Central Arizona DX Association46741
Western Washington DX Club38801
Hoosier DX and Contest Club35101
Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers33792
Contest Club Ontario28073
Menominee River Radio Club25461
Allegheny Valley Radio Association22941
Northern Rockies DX Association15391
Willamette Valley DX Club11761
Sangamon Valley Radio Club11441
Yankee Clipper Contest Club10081
Rhein Ruhr DX Association9121
Western New York DX Association5041
Thumb Area Contesters4351
Falmouth ARA2401
Northern California Contest Club1441
North Florida Amateur Radio Society91