This is the place for the Ohio QSO Party™

A QSO Party the way a QSO Party should be, devoid of nonsense and limits that take away from the fun of communicating by encouraging real QSOs.

2011 Ohio QSO Party Rules Summary

Rule Changes

We've grown tired of the QSO Party = Contest crowd. We now only have one rule (besides your countries regulations which I encourage that you follow to the letter), any Ohio Station can work any other station, any band or mode. Yes, contacts on nets count and we encourage them. So does the WARC bands, because this isn't one of those events that are prohibited by international regulation (if you believe in such things). We also encourage; in fact we demand, actual QSOs, you know the ones where you actually communicate and exchange actual relevant information? You remember those, the thing that actually made this hobby fun when you first got licensed.

So, who will "win" this event? Everybody wins, by actually having real QSOs instead of babbling ridiculous fake signal reports and zero intelligence nonsense we remove the competitive BS that infects the Amateur Radio bands every weekend. (Note: There are only two contest you should make an effort to operate, CQ WW CW and CQ WW SSB).

We are also changing the date to sometime in the Winter for better propagation. Also, we are working on making this QSO Party more friendly to everyone and not just to a certain class of license (US Extra) or a particular radio club.

If you wish to sponsor some kind of reward, don't bother, If you think somebody did an outstanding job, actually tell them that and remember neither sitting on a frequency and spotting nonsense nor sending cw at high speed from a moving car really matter our count for anything. Did you know that in the past, people actually drove, sent CW and logged at night, all at the same time? Yes, that is crazy (and no it was NOT this person).

Logs you ask? Send in what you think would be useful to encourage more people to become Amateur Radio Operators, stories, interesting anecdotes, cool pictures, something about you so we can get to know you better, reasons why you didn't get on the radio (excuses in other words), or whatever you want.



Worked All Ohio Award

The Ohio QSO Party™ is proud to sponsor the Worked All Ohio™ Award. The initial award can be achieved by working 48 Ohio Counties. Endorsements at an additional 15 counties. Check book soon for instructions on how to enter and an on-line form for easy entry.

We are still working on this (at Vatican speed) so please keep checking back.

2008 Ohio QSO Party Results

The important part of the Ohio QSO Party is getting on the air. And lots of you are doing that. We had 212 logs submitted out of 2659 distinct callsigns recorded this year. Of those 2659, 440 made more than 10 contacts with 182 submitting logs and 59 made more than 100 contacts with 51 submitting a log. We can't recognize you unless you submit a log, so please see the rules on how.
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